Frequently asked questions about cosmetic and dental implants in Turkey

We collected for you the most frequently asked questions about cosmetic surgery and dental implants in Turkey

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Is dental treatment harmful to the pregnant woman?

It does not hurt, but the best time to perform dental treatment for a pregnant woman is in the second trimester of pregnancy, that is, the fourth, fifth and sixth months of pregnancy, unless there is an urgent emergency situation that calls for the immediate intervention of the doctor, as in cases of severe swellings and abscesses of the teeth and others..

Is there a certain age for dental implants?

No, there is no specific age, as dental implants can be performed at all ages up to the advanced age, unless there are special conditions such as bone diseases and others, which are contraindications for the surgical implantation.

How is dental implants?
Dentists follow the following steps for dental implants:
  • Consultation, check up and necessary examinations.
  • A surgical incision to open the gums and expose the bones.
  • Deep holes in the bone, where the dental implant will be inserted.
  • Place the abutment.
  • Take the final impression.
  • Fix the crown.

Frequently asked questions about hair transplantation in Turkey

We collected the most frequently asked questions about hair transplantation in Turkey

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When can I go to the sea? When can I dye my hair?

It is not recommended to go to the sea within a month and a half from the date of the operation. You can dye your hair after 4 months.

When do the results of hair transplantation begin to appear?
  • The recovery phase after the operation takes from one week to ten days.
  • The transplanted hair begins to fall out in the period between 3 weeks to a month.
  • Hair grows back in between 3 months to 5 months, and lasts for life.
  • The final result appears between 9 months and a year.
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The brief stages that a person goes through during the hair transplant process?
  • Anesthesia stage.
  • Extraction of follicles.
  • Separation of follicles or slices.
  • The stage of follicle transplantation.