Hollywood smile

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Hollywood smile

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They are very thin veneers that are specially manufactured to suit the teeth of each individual, and are applied to the front surfaces only of the teeth, forming the so-called famous Hollywood smile, which has become one of the most popular topics among young people and followers of beauty and fashion.

What are the benefits of a Hollywood smile?

  • Improving the appearance and arrangement of teeth.
  • Permanently increasing the whiteness of the teeth and thus beautifying the smile.
  • These veneers change the color, shape, size and even length of the teeth, according to the shape of the jaw, face and lips of the patient.
  • These veneers are made of ultra-transparent materials, which reflect very closely the natural color of the teeth, to give a natural smile.

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Frequently asked questions about Hollywood smile

Are the benefits of a Hollywood smile limited only to the external beauty of the teeth?

Of course not; this procedure can be categorized as a comprehensive treatment of the mouth in both medical and cosmetic terms. By performing the Hollywood Smile operation, the doctor treats all oral problems including caries, problems in the nerves of the teeth, and beautifies your smile with intact and beautiful teeth, and a natural white color that is not artificial.

Hollywood smile without preparing teeth, is it possible?

The need to do teeth preraration, or the amount of this preparation, depends first on the type of Hollywood smile being performed, and second, on the teeth situation and occlusion, and another factors that are related to the patient himself.            Some types of Hollywood smile, such as those performed by porcelain veneers, require teeth preparation to achieve them. While in another types, such as the removable veneers, there is no need to cut from the teeth or to change the shape of them.

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