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Hair transplantation for women

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Hair transplantation for women

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The cases of hair loss in women intensify during the menopause often, where hair loss begins in the middle of the scalp and gradually extends until it forms a hair-free area sometimes, and during this period hair loss is similar to male baldness in the affected areas usually. Hair transplantation for women is an appropriate solution to this problem, a procedure that has recently increased in popularity for both men and women.

When can hair transplantation be done for women?

Unlike men, all follicles in women are exposed to hormonal effects even in the sides and back of the scalp.

Hair can be transplanted for women in certain cases, including the presence of hair-free areas or spots, hair loss in a certain area as a result of an old injury or the effects of an old surgical procedure. Hair loss can be as a result of non-hormonal factors such as hair pulling as a result of mental illness.

How is the process of hair transplantation for women?

Micro fue technique is applied, which depends on taking hair follicles one by one from the donor area and planting them in the recipient area using a device dedicated to opening the channels. And because the diameter of hairs in women is less than in men, the channels are smaller so that they do not exceed 0 75 mm. It is possible to dispense with hair cutting completely when transplanting hair at the front of the head for women, and the number of follicles to be transplanted does not exceed 2000, as it is sufficient to cut the hairs in the donor area only, but if the number of follicles required increases, the doctor may resort to a complete haircut

Cultivation can also be done using the Dhi technique, which is the advanced method of Choi pens, in which the channels are opened and cultivation is done in one step


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Frequently asked questions about hair transplantation for women:

Non-shaving hair transplant technique for women

The (DHI) technique or direct hair transplantation is the technique used in hair transplantation without shaving, and it is the favorite of many who do not want to shave their hair, especially women.

Is hair transplant without shaving suitable for women?

For women, the external factor is very important and most women prefer no shaving hair transplant as they do not want to lose their hair. Fortunately, in our time this has become possible, but it is very important to find the right specialists with extensive experience. The experience and skills of specialists who are engaged in this play a very important role.

Advantages and disadvantages of hair transplant without shaving for women.
  • Advantages

    • Hair transplant is carried out without shaving off the hair, thus avoiding the inconvenience and undesirable appearance for women.
    • Traditional hair transplantation can cause scars and redness on the scalp, unlike no shaving hair transplant, which allows you to live your normal life on the second day of surgery.
    • Shorter recovery times than traditional hair transplant surgeries.
    • The original direction of the hair is repeated, giving it a natural look.


    • The no shaving hair transplant process usually takes longer than other hair transplant methods.
    • No shaving hair transplant costs a little more than other hair implantation methods.
How long does hair transplantation take in Turkey?

After deciding on a hair transplant, it only takes you 4 days to stay in Istanbul and you can fully return to your life after two days of treatment without any scars or side effects.

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