Teeth whitening

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Teeth whitening

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It is no longer acceptable to see individuals with yellow or discolored teeth in our days, and a white smile gives the first impression in modern social relations.

Teeth whitening is unobtrusive, and at the same time is inexpensive compared to, for example, a Hollywood smile. It also gives immediate results, which positively affect the person’s psychological state and increase his self-confidence.

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Frequently asked questions about teeth whitening

How is the teeth whitening process?

There are two types of bleaching, the first of which is home bleaching that the patient performs himself at home using special trays with home bleaching tubes, and the second is the laser bleaching that the dentist performs himself in the clinic, and this last type is characterized by giving immediate results within an hour only compared to the home type.

Is the whitening process harmful to the teeth?

No, it is not harmful to the teeth, but some side effects occur in some patients.

It is never recommended to repeat the whitening process excessively, and you should definitely consult your dentist about the mechanism of its repetition.

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