What are the three most benefits you can get from dental implants?

What are the three most benefits you can get from dental implants?


When you lose one or more of your teeth, apart from causing you problems in chewing and speaking, this undermines your self-confidence because of what affects it in the formal and cosmetic aspect.

In the past, the solution was based on reconstruction by making prosthetics or bridges, to be replaced today by what are called dental implants.

These dental implants have very many benefits, which have made a quantum leap in modern dentistry, but the most important 3 benefits can be summarized as follows:


The first benefit: increasing self-confidence

When you lose your teeth, it gives you a bad appearance that may prevent you from even smiling in front of people. Here, dental implants come in to give you a natural cosmetic appearance, so you start to feel confident in your appearance.

In addition, implants improve your articulation, unlike prosthetics which, because they are mobile, may slip into your mouth while speaking, affecting your pronunciation of words, while dental implants are completely fixed in your jaw with screws.


The second benefit: improving the chewing of food

It is one of the main important benefits of dental implants, the more you chew your food properly, the better it will be digested, and the better the digestion, the better the absorption of nutrients into your body.

Chewing food with dental implants is done in the same ideal way as if chewing on natural teeth.


The third benefit: protecting the remaining teeth from displacement and inclination

When you lose a tooth, a void is formed in its place, and this leads to the loss of bone in that place. Because of the natural pressures and efforts in the mouth, the remaining teeth next to the void begin to shift and tilt towards the void. As a result, your healthy straight teeth begin to tilt, and become unstable.

This problem may lead to more bone loss, and more tooth loss in the future. Therefore, filling these voids formed by tooth loss with dental implants is a preventive solution.


Other benefits of dental implants:

  • Not to file the teeth adjacent to the space, as happens when replacing the missing tooth with dental bridges, and thus preserving the health and structure of the natural teeth.
  • Dental implants may last “for life”, if the patient provides good oral care (brushing, flossing, etc.) and makes periodic check-ups to the doctor at regular intervals.
  • A very high success rate for dental implants, up to 98%.

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