Does teeth whitening damage your teeth or have any side effects?

Does teeth whitening damage your teeth or  have any side effects?


It is no longer acceptable to see yellow or black teeth in the presence of the global revolution of cosmetic surgeries for the face, nose, teeth, and others in the recent years. Perhaps teeth whitening is the most important of them, and it is what gives you confidence in your smile.

And like any other cosmetic procedure, getting a whiter and more beautiful smile will not happen without some potential negative side effects, associated with the use of teeth whitening products.

Most of those who undergo teeth whitening experience one or more of the side effects of teeth whitening materials, but they are nevertheless completely satisfied with the results.

In the end, teeth whitening is the most common cosmetic procedure in the world, besides it is the easiest to obtain the desired results.


Some of these negative side effects:


  • Increased teeth sensitivity

Especially for patients with sensitive teeth of origin, i.e. those who suffer from pain and sensitivity in their teeth to certain foods or drinks. These people must inform their doctor that they have sensitivity in their teeth, in order to perform special procedures before the whitening process.

Even for patients with natural teeth, the teeth whitening process is associated with sensitivity and some pain during the whitening process, and also for a short period after, due to the exposure of the dentin layer during the process.

This increased sensitivity is completely natural, and declines quickly and within a short period, especially with the use of special sensitive toothpastes.





  • Tingling Sensation

If you feel like light electric shocks in your teeth after the whitening process, this is one of the side effects of the whitening agent used during the procedure.


  • Irritation of the gingiva

If the gums are exposed to bleaching material during the procedure, this causes irritation or a burning sensation in them.

And when this happens, the gingival tissues immediately become white after contact with the material, especially with whitening performed in the clinic.


Advice from Top Medica:

  • If you experience irritation of the gums and a strong burning sensation in them during the application of home bleaching, remove the bleaching trays directly, and wash your mouth and teeth with water well.
  • There is no need to worry, the gums will return to their natural color after a short period.


  • Inflammation of tooth pulp

Teeth whitening may cause inflammation of the nerve of some teeth, especially if these teeth are already cracked or broken.


  • Damage of Throat or Stomach

You should be very careful not to swallow the bleaching material used during the teeth whitening procedure, as this may cause irritation to the throat or abdomen, and this may lead to serious complications in some cases.


  • In general, these negative effects mostly recede within 48 hours after the end of the whitening process. And if any of them occur, contact your doctor directly, and he will guide you on what to do.



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